Populace Badge for Stromgard
to the Barony of Stromgard's Heraldry pages.
Here you will find the Order of Precedence and Award Roster, as well as a Roll-of-Arms. 

For those folks not familiar with the terms Order of Precedence, Award Roster or Roll-of-Arms, here's what we mean:

Populace Badge for Stromgard
A) Order of Precedence  -

A listing by rank of people that have played (or currently play) in the Barony, together with the Honors, Awards and Tokens they possess.
(Many feel that this is harder to use than the Award Roster.)

B) Award Roster            -

Similar to the Order of Precedence, but arranged alphabetically, rather than by ranking. (probably easier to use than the Order of Precedence.)

C) Roll-of-Arms             -

A pictorial display of the Devices (Arms, but not badges, yet) registered to folks from the Barony (arranged alphabetically).

These files include the names, honors and devices of all those known to have played in the Barony
of Stromgard, even though thay may have moved, deceased or no longer play here.

They are updated periodically as new information comes to the heralds of the Barony.
The last such update occured 27 October AS 42 / 2008 AD.

The Order of Precedence         Stromgard Orders and Awards and their descriptions         The An Tir Roll-of-Arms

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